Thursday, 10 January 2019


The choleric woman is a no nonsense high achiever. Women like this are natural born leaders, goal getters, visionary, pioneers, business tycoons, wealth commanders, CEOs, business administrators, motivators, extra ordinary speakers, world movers and shakers!
They are leaders per excellence! They don't wait for anyone to elect them as leaders, they make themselves leaders! They achieve results with the speed of light and can command anything and anyone which makes them bossy, domineering, pushy, abrasive, arrogant, proud, pompous, un submissive, uncontrollable, unsympathetic and hot tempered! Women like this need the special grace of God to have a good marriage!
The choleric woman must marry God's will for her life. She needs not only a husband but a father, friend, confider and a man blessed with a powerful self esteem or else they will spend the rest of their married life fighting for leadership in the home. With the perfect gentleman as her soul mate, he will help curb her excesses with his strengths and because he does not threaten her, she will find it easy to submit to him, respect him, honour him and adore him. You shouldn't change yourself because you want to marry anybody. Enjoy yourself but work on your weaknesses; it is our weaknesses - the pride, anger, arrogance, patience, etc that ruin marriages!
I am a choleric woman by nature. God had to work on me or else I would have been divorced a long time ago. It didn't take long for me to realize I must be a woman and let my dear husband be the man if I want to have a good marriage.
Marrying God's will for my life also helped me a lot. My husband is God's greatest gift to me. A highly mature man who sees himself as my father not my competitor. He treats me with compassion whenever I misbehave and not whine and scream like an offended toddler. With his patience, love and compassion, I have grown more mature. I am more tolerant, patient, compassionate, gentle and loving towards people, these virtues are not natural for a choleric but with God and with a good husband, anything is possible.
Some men are afraid of marrying Choleric women, they get overwhelmed with their weaknesses and hide under cover. Never marry a woman you can't handle. It takes the cool phlegmatic to marry a choleric woman. What you should pray for is God's will. If she is God's will for you, your marriage will work.
However, do not marry a woman who does not respect, honour and listen to you in courtship. If she is very abusive, disgraces you and even hits you, you are with a Margaret Thatcher! Your God's will will give you peace, not tear you to pieces!
Being choleric is not an excuse to be un submissive as a woman. A woman must respect and honour her husband regardless of her temperament. Do not take your husband's gentleness and quietness for granted, don't abuse it or it may one day backfire!
As a man, be respectable, be responsible, be filled with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
When man is godly and takes the affairs of his home serious, he wins the love and admiration of his wife without stress.
With God's will and wisdom, heaven on earth is guaranteed in your marriage!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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