Monday, 14 January 2019


There are times wives get angry for being monitored by their husbands. They think he is an hyper jealous, in-secure, paranoid, psychotic twat! "How dare he? Does he think I'm cheating or what?" No, he knows you are not, he is just trying to help you.
Sometimes, if not most times, we women can be very naive when it comes to dealing with men. We think we are smart (and we are) but when it comes to dealing with some unscrupulous elements, trust me, you need the help of your dear husband. Men are logical, they know how to play on a woman's emotions while women are emotional and soft hearted. Same thing goes for woman to woman relationship that is destroying you and creating serious problems for you in your marriage.
Be opened with your husband. Put him at rest. Let him have easy access to all your chats and conversations. If there is no skeleton in your cupboard, there is no reason to keep any relationship secret from him whether with opposite sex or not. Secrecy is not allowed in any marriage that will last. If he approves some relationships, fine, go ahead with them, if not, end the relationship with immediate effect; it is toxic, dangerous and going no where to happen!
I once had a married friend who was aggressive, pushy, jealous of my husband and manipulative. He asked me to send personal pictures, wanted to come to my home, dominated my time and didn't want to hear about my husband. When I told him my husband loves me so much, he asked, "what about me?" Yet he claimed to be "born again", happily married, a servant of God and a marriage counsellor to tens of thousands of his followers! The day I told him my husband reads our conversation from the beginning to end he almost fainted. He quit the relationship voluntarily, blocked me on the social media and whined and cried about being "betrayed" and "misunderstood".
I do the same thing for my husband, I let him know the relationships that are toxic and those beneficial whether with the same sex or opposite sex. We should be our brother's keeper in marriage. You don't know everything and you can't do everything by yourself, if you can, you don't need to get married.
Deal with toxic relationships, avoid dangerous relationships at all cost. Let your spouse help you, that is why they married you. Avoid secrecy in your marriage. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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