Tuesday, 15 January 2019


Countless virgins have been cajoled into premarital sex on the excuse that sex on the wedding night will be painful and boring and your husband will see you as a disappointment.
First sex will be painful whether before or after marriage. Engaging in it before marriage makes it many times painful because:

 (1) The guy sleeping with you is in a hurry to give himself pleasure and wouldn't want to waste his time being gentle with you. 

(2) You are torn apart with guilt which makes it double painful -you know you shouldn't be doing it. 

(3)Your self esteem drops far down as you realized the consequence of what you have done and the regret that you have lost it forever. 

(4)You are plagued with the fear of unwanted pregnancy and STDs (5) You live in fear of losing the guy.
Sex on the wedding night may give you pain but pleasurable pain and not all virgins even experience pain with their first sex. 
With good books, godly counsel and genuine love for each other, you can both be taught the process to take to make sex as painless as possible. If at all, you experience pain, it won't be excruciating pain rendering you incapacitated for months. 
You only have one pain, the pain of breaking the hymen but you gain your pleasure soon afterwards.
(1) The pleasure of having waited till your wedding night. 

(2) The pleasure of giving your husband pleasure. 

(3) The pleasure of winning your husband's pride and trust forever. 

(4) The pleasure of having a solid, sky rocketing self esteem. 

(5)The pleasure of expecting pregnancy without worrying whether your womb has been damaged by the multiple abortions you did before wedding. 

(6) The pleasure of having no past lover to compare your spouse to. It helps you to thoroughly enjoy sex with your husband. 

(7) The pleasure of climaxing easily -you have no hang ups.

Yes! The pleasure of waiting far outweighs the momentary pain you naturally experience with your first sex. Waiting for sex till marriage pays.

© Seun Oladele

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