Tuesday, 22 January 2019


It's not the body. I really pity lots of ladies who marry because he is tall, dark and handsome and probably has a large penis! Or guys who married because she has big breasts, big buttocks and flat tummy. Those things don't guarantee a good sex life in marriage!
Marriage is first spiritual, then psychological then physical!
Real intimacy comes from within, from your spirit! If you both don't connect spiritually, you will not enjoy sex in marriage!
If you are married and not enjoying sex, you need to re-visit your spiritual intimacy! Couples who pray together, read their Bibles and share same spiritual beliefs with passion easily get turn on for each other. I'm not talking religion, I'm talking about active relationship with Christ!
Praying together as married couples help! Have you heard of non married or differently married prayer partners having illicit sex after prayers? That's because, prayer bonds! Whether you believe it or not, it does! I don't know how people separate sex from things of the spirit and wander why their sexual life is upside down? Alright, I will be writing more on that later!
Sexual bonding, deep, sexual turn on comes from the soul - soulish connection! That's why you should marry your friend! When you connect at the soul level where you share same thoughts, same excitement, same passion, you naturally get turned on and wants to have sex with your spouse over and over and over again!
If you don't connect spiritually, like a Muslim marrying a Christian, you hate the church they attend, you don't believe in their Pastor, doctrine and messages and you both get married, your sex life may be the first to suffer!
Deep intimacy, regular communication, active listening and talking plus sharing come from deep friendship and marrying your soul mate. If not, marriage will be boring, you won't be turned on for sex and you won't enjoy sex!
To restore sexual intimacy in your marriage, go back to heart to heart talking, listening and sharing.
Have you ever wondered why men with extremely beautiful wived who are so naturally endowed still cheat? They don't feel connected! It's not always the fault of the woman. No matter how good and beautiful a woman is, if her husband doesn't connect, he will not enjoy sex and if he connects with someone else out there, no matter how "ugly" she looks, he will enjoy having sex with her and almost kill himself for a woman who may not be half as beautiful as the wife he married!
This is not an excuse for men to cheat. We all must learn self discipline and self control. No matter how bad you think your marriage is, with Christ's help, you can work on it, you can have a great marriage!
Bottom line, don't just marry out of sexual passion, marry out of God's will, marry out of deep friendship, marry your soul mate then all other things will fall in place.
I hope you understand this post?
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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