Wednesday, 9 January 2019


Recently, I got angry at hubby and promised not to talk to him for at least 2 days. Within few minutes of making my babyish decision, my mouth was itching me to talk. I turned the corner of my eye to my sweet looking gentle lamb who was not even aware this spoilt little baby is keeping malice and ask, "How are you doing?" Honey said "fine" in his usual gentle manner and I rebuked myself for breaking my promise. To cut the long story short, we caught each other gisting far into the night till sleep forced our eyes shut!
When you marry your best friend, you can't keep malice! How? Who will you talk to if you keep malice? With your best friend, you can't keep secrets, how? You need your buddy-buddy to gist and share your burdens with.
With your best friend marriage can't be boring, how? People often wander why I always hang around my husband and get not bored. Bored??? We have lots and tons upon tons of things to talk about 24/7 is not enough! I and hubby talk a lot -a lot! It has been like that before we got married.
Recently hubby told me: "You this girl, why can't I keep anything from you? I always find myself telling you everything."
"Same here darling," I replied, "I can't keep anything from you".
Marry your best friend. Marry someone you can talk to, gist with, laugh with, play with, cry with and share your hearts with, marriage will be sweet, fun and nothing short of heaven on earth.
Some singles are confused about the issue of friendship and marriage. Some asked me: "What if your best friend is not God's will?" Or "What if I don't have romantic attraction for my friend?"
Yes, some people are meant to be your friends not marriage partners. You care about each other, you talk a lot and share your plans, that's where it ends, no more, no less.
For your friend to qualify as your future spouse, they must be God's will for you. You should both be compatible. You should have the three levels of love: Agape, Phileo and eros for them.
The love you have must be deeper than just friendship with them. You care deeply about them in a way you have never cared for anyone and your future is heading same direction with them.
Some asked: "What if my partner is not my best friend?" No, they should be your best friend. You can build friendship into your courtship.
Talk, share, play (not have sex), read and go out together. Attend programs and do a lot of talking and listening.
The best of friends always talk, listen and share their hearts with each other, this leads to true intimacy and bliss in marriage.
May your marriage be heaven on earth.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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