Tuesday, 8 January 2019


It just doesn't fit you as a lady to have different men, different body odour, different shapes, colours and penis size climb on top of you. How old are you for God's sake?! Why would you make your body a trash can for men to dump just anything and dump you for a sane lady to marry! Receive sense before it is too late in Jesus' name!
You are the one that will suffer when you get pregnant! The guy can jump off you like a frog the moment he is through and look for another cheap girl to dump his colossal problem on! Ladies, value yourselves! You need a man to pamper, cherish, celebrate, totally adore you and look at you like the latest miracle of his life when you get pregnant for him IN MARRIAGE!
You have low self esteem: Sexually active single ladies are not balanced! They feel used, worthless, valueless, unwanted, ashamed and inferior. It's the reason most of them wear outrageous seductive clothes to get men's attention. Their concept of relationship is warped! They have distorted view of love and marriage! They think what gets a man's attention is their body and how hot they are in bed so they dress to seduce, attract men who wants sex, get used and dumped, sink lower in depression, acute poor self image, super low self esteem till age catches up on them and they become very desperate for marriage!
You won't be sexually satisfied in marriage! May God have mercy on your husband if he has a small penis, knows nothing about sex and is not as romantic as all your boyfriends and sex partners in the past!
You may commit adultery in marriage! If you are not sexually satisfied, you may run back to one of your old boyfriends or seduce another woman's husband to get sex!
You battle spiritual husband who won't allow you enjoy your marriage. You move from one unexplainable crises to another till your marriage eventually breaks down. That is why you need Jesus! When you give your heart to the Lord by accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, He will give you the power to overcome sin, sanctify your heart and make you a brand new person for your husband (2 Corinthians 5:17).
You have split personality (soul tie) due to the multiple sex partners you had in the past and becomes irrational, illogical, stupid, foolish and troublesome in marriage.
You become a single mother and suffer immensely to take care of your unwanted child!
If you had multiple abortions, you may damage your womb and never be able to conceive in marriage except by miracle!
Keep your virginity at all cost. You have nothing to lose staying chaste till marriage.
If you are no longer a virgin, stop having sex, turn to Christ, let Him help you say NO when the temptation arises. May God give you the power to stay sexually pure till marriage! You will not use your 2 hands to wreck your marital destiny in Jesus' name!
Thanks for reading. God bless you, cheers!

©Seun Oladele,

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