Tuesday, 8 January 2019


You won't be satisfied with one woman after marriage except by the mercies of God and daily walking in the Spirit! Self control is the fruit if the Spirit! If you are not born again, your marital sex life is in trouble!
There is pleasure indescribable in sex, that pleasure should first be experienced on the wedding night, not before. If you wait till your wedding night, you will attach your wife to your pleasure and keep seeking her, chasing her, wanting her and needing her. If one irresponsible, stupid girl gave you pleasure outside marriage.

1. You lose respect for her. 

2. You hate yourself for being downright dirty and cheap. 

3. You despise, hate or get angry at her for not saying NO and being cheap. 

4. Because there is no commitment whatsoever in the relationship like dowry, wedding and all commitment that comes with marriage, you dump her and look for someone else. You keep jumping from ladies to ladies, different sizes, shapes and colours. 

By the time you get married, you have been split into different personalities (soul tie) and can't be satisfied by one woman (your wife alone). At this point, you seriously need to give your life to Jesus and let Him sanctify your heart or you will be in bondage to different women and adultery will wreck your life!
You won't be able to enjoy sex in marriage! Sexual pleasure for a woman lies on how well her husband can delay ejaculation during sex. If you can't wait till you get married before having sex, you won't wait in marriage to give your wife sexual pleasure. The result is a sexually dissatisfied wife opened to sexual temptation outside.
You battle spiritual wife who won't allow you enjoy your marriage. If you always have sex in the dream or have a wife in the dream, you need serious deliverance.
You may not make it in life. Men who donate sperm around are not emotionally, spiritually, socially and psychologically balanced. They may have tons of money to waste! But their sexual life is a big disaster, relationships/marriages, zero! Spiritual life, nothing whatsoever to write home about. Mentally, disturbed!
You will see women as sex toy, sex machines, sex robots and can't have any sane relationship with them except use and dump them.
You never grow up in your thinking. You are immature, warped minded and lack strong, creative powers!
The ladies you used and dumped may curse you and those cursed may hunt you forever!
The unwanted pregnancies may result to children sleeping under the bridge, wandering aimlessly, turning to gangs, armed robbery and social menace to the society. The innocent blood your unwanted children shed will be on your head!
Many single men have lots of children they have never seen or know nothing about. That is the result of unwanted pregnancies.
Virginity is not for females only. It is for both males and females, especially the males.
Keep your penis in your trousers! You don't need it for now except to urinate!
Stop causing problems with your unguided, loose and restless erection!
Turn to the word daily for daily sanctification!
Be determined to save sex till marriage and after marriage, enjoy sex with your wife with all your soul and body! May you not make a mistake that will wreck your destiny!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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