Friday, 25 January 2019


We love good looks, biko! The part of my husband I like most is his flat tummy, let me keep the remaining to myself so that daughters of God will will not "corrupt".
Kindly give yourself good hair cut, brush your teeth regularly and smell good. It is not only men that are moved by sight, we are moved by our 5 senses too. Thank God for the Holy Ghost that keeps reminding us: " Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart".
Take care of your outward appearance bro and get us gasping for breath.
You can iron your shirts, your native wears can be fitting. If you can avoid pot belly, kindly do, it's not sexy in marriage puuleeeaaaze!
Married men should please, invest in sexy boxers and expose those hairy legs. If you have good, healthy soft bum, that's a big plus! Wear tight briefs that makes your wife wish she tears you to pieces in bed. Please, set her hormones on fire!!!
Trim off that excessive hair from your nostrils and give yourself good, clean shave. Well trimmed beard that fits your face is an hormone raiser! Kindly invest in good perfume. Get heads turning whenever you pass by...
Small briefs that exposes your strong thighs in marriage are enough to make a wife trip and get eager!
All our "heaven bound", "spirikoko" brothers need serious intercession and heavy counselling! I see too many spit saliva from the pulpit with eyes burning with hot coals of fire and voice drenched in cold hatred for sinners, sorry, enemies of God!
Your wife needs you to took presentable and single brothers, kindly step us please!
Dressing good is not a bad idea, not all men who look stunning are play boys! You will be dazed to see some very handsome young dudes very much sexually pure! Unbelievably virgins! I have some of them as mentees!
Almost all my male friends as a single lady were head turners, handsome to the toe yet very much sexually disciplined, so what's the excuse brother Elijah?
Kindly put an end to the body and mouth odour and look good.
Looking good is good business! Momma cares!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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