Tuesday, 22 January 2019


I've noticed that ladies prefer to marry a man who has plenty of money but do not have time for them. Though most deny it, the truth is, this generation of Indomie ladies do not have what it takes to help a man become great. Only few, very few can truly stand by a man till he becomes exceedingly great!
The kind of young men parading the streets and even going to church today, lack the capacity to stay off sex till marriage and really, genuinely, deeply love their wives like Christ loves the church. Only few, very few, like 3℅ of men can ever do that!
When you marry your soul mate what a different story altogether!
She believes in your vision and support you with all she has till you become great!
He will never ever open his mouth and ask for premarital sex neither will he ill treat you in marriage. He will definitely love you like Christ loves the church and celebrate, totally adore and cherish you...
I pray for you today UNCOMMON SINGLES: You will NOT MIS-CHOOSE!

© Seun Oladele

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