Tuesday, 5 February 2019


Money is a serious matter in marriage. It's one of the leading causes of divorce world-wide. As singles in courtship, one aspect you must iron out very well before you tie the knot is money.
Some people are very nice till money issue comes up. Some are honest and holy till they see raw cash then you see satan in full display. Some can lie, steal, kill to make and get money!
Some people are super stingy! Some are acute, chronic debtors! Some spend and spend till they go bankrupt! Sit your partner down in courtship and ask about their spending, saving, investing habit! Don't close your eyes and say love is blind, where it will open, it may be in mortuary or somewhere worse! Never marry a mammon worshipper! Mammon is the god of money!
Back to the topic above, don't let money put you asunder in marriage. Here is how to handle your finance so you can both have peace of mind and enjoy a blissful marriage.
1. Pay your tithe so that God will bless you more.

2. Always save no matter how small. Every family should prepare for emergencies.

3. Be transparent about how much you earn with each other.

4. Set yearly goals of what you want to achieve, how much it takes and how much you will both contribute to make it happen.

5. Always budget before spending and don't spend beyond budget.

6. Live within your means.

7. Respect each other's financial boundaries.

8. When you borrow money from your spouse, integrity demands that you return it. Some people don't return borrowed money from their spouses with the claim that their spouse' money belongs to them. Yes! Thank you sir. Don't be a liar. You said "borrow me" not "give me". Money borrowed is meant to be returned. This is where a lot couples run into serious crises.

9. Plan on the money you want to give to in-laws and stick to it.

10. Take your children to schools you can afford.

11. Wives, don't inflate school fees to get more money from your husband, it will one day backfire!

12. Wives, get a job or business doing so you can have your own money. Depending on oga for all expenses is not ideal, it is frustrating.

13. Wives, learn to save. Wives should not be financially stranded in case of emergencies.

14. Husbands give your wife monthly upkeep for her personal expenses no matter how much she earns. It will earn you some respect. Wives love to get from their husbands.

15. Husbands, don't manipulate your wife to give you all her money including her savings and spend on frivolities. You will lose your respect and honour for life!

16. Husbands pay all your bills, it's your responsibility. Your wife can only assist you. Don't push that responsibility to her neither should you force her if she doesn't want to!

17. Wives, support your husband financially when he needs help.

18. Live in an apartment you can comfortably pay for.

19. Avoid going into debt.

20. Learn to invest and multiply money.

May the Lord grant you the wisdom to handle your finance and not go bankrupt or run into marital crises in Jesus' name. Money shall not be your problem. You shall have abundance of it in the name of Jesus!

Thanks for reading.

God bless you. Cheers!
© Seun Oladele

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