Monday, 18 February 2019


Their eyes are super sensitive to curves, boobs, thighs and erotic zones.
Anointing on his head will not turn his blood to anointing oil! He has testosterone, a sexual hormone responsible for getting him sexually high for a woman, any woman! Being a man of God does not make him God. He is MAN first, then of God, second. Don't turn the lion between his thighs loose!
Sexy clothes will scatter his logic. Keep him focused on important things. Stop wearing clothes that shift his eyes to your sexy body.
Don't bend in front of a man when you are wearing a low neckline. Your boobs, nipples are in full display. Don't kill him before his old age.
You don't need to shake your buttocks while walking. Avoid clothes that squeeze your buttocks and make them struggle for space. Your backside can make him loose his senses.
Don't undress before a man, hell, NO!!!
Don't spend the night in his house if you really don't want sex. With your full body blowing up his sexual arousal, he will have sex with you whether you like it or not, I won't call that rape, I will call it stupidity of the highest order!
Don't open your laps wide when sitting in front of a man! Are you showing him the colour of your pants or what?
Don't do or say whatever will arouse a man. Men are very very sexual; easily aroused, easily turned on. Christ and self control is what makes the difference between a godly man and the one that is lousy!
Men will do well to avoid ladies and environments that tempt them to have premarital/extramarital sex. On the day of judgement, Christ won't listen to all your excuses for having premarital sex. It's hell fire straight!
Protect your life, protect your destiny. May you not fall into satan's trap!
Thanks for reading. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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