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(Basta Jah)
The year 2019 took off on a high note for us at Braamfontein Alive as we bring our first interview of the year to you. We met with Congolese international artist at our office in Braamfontein and the young and talented artist who does HipHop, Afrobeats and RnB took us on a memory lane of his journey into music.

Born, Brizel Cesar Tshiswaka and popularly known on stage as Basta Jah; the multi-talented artist has come a long way in the music performance scene. His persistent and faith to make it has finally paved a way for him as his latest singles are making waves on social media and fans across the globe have started taking note of his prowess.

His music scope promotes love, peace and highlights social norms. In our conversations, the “Last Chance” and “Muluba” hit maker recalled how
(Basta Jah)
his people struggled to like his music when he first started out in DR Congo and today the story is changing as they all sing along and dance to his songs.

Here below is our conversations:

Welcome, Basta Jah; to our office today! We do appreciate you coming to spend time with us to tell us more about you, music and the way forward.

Q: Who's Basta Jah ?

A: Basta Jah, is a musician, artist; coming from the DR Congo. My main purpose of me being here in South Africa is simply to make music.

Q: What kind of artist are you?

A: I am a Hip Hop artist, R"n"B and I do afro beat as well.

(Basta Jah)
Q: How did you get into music making?

A: I started music thirteen years ago. It has always be my dream when I was young to do music. I didn't think about any other job in my life than do be a musician. My friend and I started something like orchestra but till was until 2006 I made a collaboration with a friend and after that we decided to go professional.

Q: Do you have anyone in your family that does music?

A: Yes, the father to my father (grandfather) was a musician. He knows how to play guitar nicely.

Q: So when did you start doing professional music?

A: I started in DR Congo in 2010.

Q: Why did you make the decision to start making professional music?

A: Okay, I was in Kasai, the province I was born and in 2009 I decided to move to Lubumbashi to do a nice music. Then I made one song (single) title "Savoir Qui Je" (You must know who I am). After
(Basta Jah)
that I got some people who were supporting me; like a producer then I made another single until today.

Q: Is your journey into professional music easy or hard or is there any challenges?

A: It has not been easy. You know, first, for the people to give you a chance to understand your voice, message, your kind of music; it wasn't easy! They look at the way I was at that time; they didn't trust me I could make nice music so it gave me lots of difficulties to connect my music to the people but I didn't get discouraged or gave up. I just had courage though people never gave me any chance but the only thing I was left with was courage.

(Chamberlain, OST & Basta Jah)
Then I persevere in music until the point I came out with another piece and all the people started to accept me, then started giving me a chance and calling me a musician. I have to push, up and up to get where I am today!

Q: How did you manage to convert people that were not believing you at first into becoming your fans?

A: I was just doing music. I didn't go visit traditional medicine (juju or muti) what-what! I was just doing my music because I know myself and I was believing in myself  that "one day they gonna accept me and clap for me." I didn't ask anybody to convince them to like me or support my music
(Chamberlain, OST & Basta Jah)
but all I did was to focus on my music until the day God sent me nice inspiration and everybody started clapping for me!

Q: Where did you get your inspiration from?

A: My inspiration comes from everything that I see. As we are talking now I can give you a free style from what inspires me but there are some artists who give me inspirations when I listen to them, like: Bob Marley, Tiken Jah Fakoly, 2Pac, and Davido.

Q: What does your music promote having found your voice?

A: My music promotes love, social norms and family issues.

(Basta Jah, OST, Chamberlain & T.K. Nkoka)
Q: What's the idea or concept begin your latest single "Last Chance"?

A: Is a love message to my this very one girl that is making me go crazy. So I made the song for her  to let her know that "if I loose her I can't another one like her!" So I was telling her that "you are my last chance!"

Q: Are you saying the song 'last chance' is for your girl?

A: No, I made the music for all the beautiful women out there but the one I love knows that I made the song for her!

Q: What kind of message do you have for South African music industry so that they can make the life of upcoming artist like you easier?

A: I got a message through my new project that I'm busying working on title 'Mari' - meaning 'lobola!' So they must wait to listen to. The music is in Swahili.

Q: Which of South African musicians do you want to work with?

A: If I get the chance to work with Kwesta, I like his style of music and AKA.

Q: What about Nigerian music industry?

A: Haa...there are many-many artists I'd like to work with. I like Olamide, Davido, and Phyno.

Q: What are the things you need to take you to the next level in your music career?

A: Okay, nice question and thanks. First, I need the support from my people (Congolese in DR Congo, South Africa and the rest of the world) and I need music promoters. Because I know for me to go up is left with the people. I can get the best producer in the world but if the people doesn't respond to my music then I'm going no where!

Q: Where do you see yourself in five (5) years?

A: I'd have gone far like having my own record label, travelling overseas for shows, would be successful, famous and I'm sure money would come then maybe many artists would like to collaborate with me.

Q: Among South African female celebrities that are not married which one would you love to date or have a crush one?

A: None one as I'm into Congolese women! When you speak the same language with a woman it makes love stronger and beautiful.

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Interview put together by: Olagunju, Success Taiwo (OST).
For: Braamfontein Alive.


  1. This sounds so intense. very touching. i wish you all the best Basta Jah. go make it big brother man.