Monday, 18 February 2019


One of the unspoken desire of a lady in courtship is to see her fiance drool over her, be sexually excited by her.
Of course, many ladies will deny this. Some will even swear by God in heaven, they are too holy to think such but the way she dresses for him, smooch over him, flirt and indirectly ask for sex says otherwise!
My fiance used to sit like statue and watch me go and come without making moves. Of course, he was madly in love and wrote me love letters like he was going to receive an award for the best love letter writer in the world! That guy is goooooooood!!! Love letters flew in right, left and center. I wrote it in abundance too. We were both "drunk in love!" But sexual attraction? No! Nothing. I one day asked for a hug on the road while seeing him off, he bluntly refused.
What kind of man is this one? I was worried. What will our sex life look like in marriage? Is that the way he would be looking at me like a cold dead statue??? Of course, both of us believed in No sex before marriage but there should be signs my body makes him shake with "holy fever". No! My fiance was too holy to behold the curves of daughter of Sarah!
Every lady wants to be sexually appealing. To have the capacity to turn her partner on but darling, wearing seductive wears, stylishly showing him your breasts, nipples and thighs to get him lose his senses is totally unnecessary.
There is a sexual lion in every man. A little turn on will turn it loose! Whether he says it or not, your body turns him on. A godly man who loves you and wants to preserve you till marriage won't talk about it, he may not even do like he notices. It doesn't mean he is dull, is a fool or impotent! Its a big sign he loves you a lot, he respects you and wants to keep you pure till your wedding night. You should appreciate him, respect him, honour him, cherish him, never abuse him, make fun of him or take it for granted!
My husband showed me his first sexual side on the wedding day! After the Pastor pronounced us husband and wife and we faced the congregation, he placed his hand majestically on my backside: thank God our back were not facing the congregation. From the wedding night forward, I realized I married a super sexual, romantic, super lover in marriage!
My husband looks at me a lot, he gives me lots of sexual and non sexual looks, sometimes I'd challenge him: "what are you looking at?" He would smile boyishly and in his gentle, super romantic tone (for me), tell me, " you have a beautiful body for a mother of two, I can't stop admiring you ..." O la la la...that guy knows how to get me into bed ready and hot for him!
Alright, daughters of Sarah, say NO to premarital sex and avoid anything that leads to it.
Your body is designed to turn a man on naturally. You don't need to work extra hard on it in courtship.
If you are both God's will for each other you will be sexually compatible and you will have a great sex life IN MARRIAGE.
I and hubby courted for five years no sex, we are both happy we waited, it is greatly paying off.
May the good Lord grant you the patience to wait.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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