Monday, 4 February 2019

Friendship is a beautiful thing. And friends are blessings to us.

You hear people say, I don't need any friend, I am my own friend, but this is not the way God intended it, he wants us to have friends.

David was able to survive through one of the most difficult times of his life by the help of his friend Jonathan.
For he who is without a friend, is truly lonely.

But while friendship is a beautiful thing, the misconceptions of it, is the only imbalance some people have in their life.

Let me explain what I mean.

As an individual, it is important that you have a friend that you can talk to about everything, I mean totally everything.

It is also important that you have friends that you can engage with intellectually, for they help keep you sharp.

They are other friends that you talk to only on a very serious note, when you need a serious and sound mind. And they are those, you have for the jokes, whenever you want to relax, and have a good laugh, they are your go to.

They are those you engage for business innovations.

And they are some friends you don't talk to everyday, but whenever you talk to them, they fire you up.

And they are or at least they should be those you engage in spiritually, they help you understand better that they is a God in heaven, and that they is a spiritual world, and that you should have a spiritual life.
Now, isn't this a wonderful thing, it sure is.

But this can also be a problem, for it is a problem unknowingly for people, because we don't find the balance to this.
When you come to a place where you tell all your friends everything about you, before you know it, you become the talk of the town.

If all your friends are the serious minded people, before you know it, you lose the fun of life, If you talk to all your friends once in a while, you would soon discover that you have no friend at all, and if all your friends are spirikoko, you will soon discover that you will go to the airport, instead of you to board a plane, you will be praying for God to make you run like Elijah to America.

This is it, you must find the balance in your life, and also understand that not everyone should have a place in your life.
Yes, there is always more space for acquaintances in our lives, but we must understand that we are not suppose to have more than 3 persons in our lives that we discuss everything with.

Know your friends, and make it clear to yourself what place they hold in your life, it helps you know the value of everyone.

For while some persons exit your life from your carelessness in handling the friendship, sometimes these people who exit your life are irreplaceable. And yes, you won't die, but they would have made your life much easier and better.

For often times, the most disappointed in friendships are those who make everyone, everything in their lives, only to soon discover that not everyone can be everything in your life.

But when you strike a balance, you get to know who you can't lose, who in his/her department in your life, is the only one there.

Friendship is a very important aspect of life.

Be guided on this.

Good morning.

By Samuel Asogwa.

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