Monday, 18 February 2019


Never compare your husband with any other man, he is different, he is unique, that is why you married him.
Why are you stretching your neck at someone else's husband? Because he has a car, yours doesn't? He gives his wife big money, yours doesn't? He is romantic to his wife, yours doesn't? He is clean and looks so handsome, yours doesn't?
My darling, you are comparing your husband's weaknesses against someone's strengths. Her husband looks like the king of universe because she wisely hid her weaknesses while you expose yours and hate him!
No one has it all! No one has a perfect husband! Each one must appreciate and celebrate what he has!
Your husband may be spending quality time with you while hers doesn't! He may be having an affair while yours doesn't! He may never assist his wife with house chores while yours does! He may be very dirty in the house but look so clean outside. I've met men who look so "wow" outside but are super dirty at home. The wife always clean up the mess!
I've seen men who give their wives all the money they need, buy them cars and build houses for them but are never around to ride in the car and live in the house with them. These women look so happy outside but won't tell you the hell they are going through in their marriages. Some weep daily! Never compare your husband with anyone.
Be satisfied with what you have, pray for him and seek ways to help your husband get better. You can, it is in your power to do so!
Pray for him daily.
Celebrate your darling, appreciate him, honour him, respect him.
Support him in every way you can.
Pray for and suggest business ideas he can do to boost his bank account.
Encourage him to be clean, eat healthy, be hygienic.
Lovingly teach him to be romantic.
Be very patient with him till he changes.
No marriage is without hope. Your marriage can be super rosy if you want it to be.
Just change your mind set, work on your marriage and respect your husband.
You will see your almost dead marriage bounce back to life!
May your marriage be sweet! Momma cares!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers! 

© Seun Oladele

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