Tuesday, 5 February 2019


Make your marriage heaven on earth, have your best pal under your roof, make your hubby your best friend. No matter how far you've gone apart, you can build intimacy again and become the best couple in 2019.
1.PRAY ABOUT IT: Ask God to give you the wisdom to handle your husband and have him has your best friend in the whole world and He will.
2. IGNORE HIS WEAKNESSES: That is the major problem of marriages all over world. People focus so much on their partners' weaknesses, nag, complain, criticize and judge till there is no energy left to build a nice, loving relationship with their spouse.
3. THINK LIKE A MAN: If you are too emotional and respond to situations with emotions instead of logic, your man may not find you appealing talk less of being your buddy buddy. Men admire women who think like a man a lot, that means, be logical. If you want your man to spend quality time with you, connect with his logical side. Learn to be objective, rational and practical. For instance, if your child constantly fail at school, instead of calling the class teacher and screaming down the roof, sit, think, ask yourself, "why does this child fail all the time? Does he do his assignment? Is he lazy? Wasn't he well taught? Does he sleep in class? Etc. Ask yourself serious questions to get to the root of the problem. Visit the school, ask the teacher serious questions as well. Weigh the matter, present it to your husband, both of you can then think of possible ways of solving the problem. Men love women who approach issues maturely and intelligently. Learn to think solutions, learn to solve problems.
4. SUPPORT HIM: Husbands love wives who support. The quickest way to be your hubby's best friend for life is to support, encourage and be part of his vision. The best couples in the world support their partner's vision.
5. CONTRIBUTE: Honey, one of the ways to win your boo boo's respect for life is to have your own money and be super humble despite. Men who act like they are under love spell from their wives are "benefiting" from her purse. What's as sexy as assisting to pay bills and take care of the home till he can stand on his two feet and won't be needing your money anymore? Stingy wives are repulsive to their husbands. One way that man can die for you is to cover him financially. Assist him but don't tell a soul. It's between God, you and your husband.
6. ADMIRE HIM: Sorry to boast a little, I can get any man I want at anytime if I were still single. Just press one or two buttons and gbam, he falls "yakata " on his face. Men love to be admired. If you want to see the baby in your husband, admire him silly! He will love you, chase you and make you his best friend for life!
7. LOVE HIS PASSION: What's his passion? Reading, football, business, singing, technology, etc.Be involved in his passion. Love what he loves and he will make you his best friend forever!
8. SHOW HIM COMPASSION: Men face challenges, difficulties and hardship daily in the bit to provide for the family. We think because he looks rugged and ain't talking about his problem, he is fine, no! Heck, NO! That guy is suffering! That's why he easily gets angry and sometimes ignore you. Some men would rather get angry at life than share their problems with you, don't take his frustration personal. Show him abundance of compassion, understanding and care. He will cherish you for life.
9. KEEP HIS SECRETS: Men have super fragile ego. Don't mind his 6 pack athletic body, he can't handle ridicule and shame. Never share his weaknesses and shortcomings with friends and family. He can't handle it, he hates it. Let him trust you. Be trustworthy. Don't be a local gossip. Keep his secrets secret.
10. HAVE SEX HIS WAY: Follow his style, rhythm, tempo, passion, method and fantasies, he will love you, cherish you and totally adore you for life!
There you go honey, go work with these and share your testimonies with me. These principles sure work like fire!
See you next time. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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