Tuesday, 5 February 2019


This is part of today's post on making your husband your best friend. I love this part and decided to repost separately.
A woman who wants her husband to become her paddy of life must sometimes learn to think like a man! If you are too emotional and respond to situations with emotions instead of logic, your man may not find you appealing talk less of being your buddy buddy.
Men admire women who think like a man a lot, that means, be logical. If you want your man to spend quality time with you, connect with his logical side. Learn to be objective, rational and practical. For instance, if your child constantly fail at school, instead of calling the class teacher and screaming down the roof, sit, think, ask yourself, "why does this child fail all the time? 

Does he do his assignment? Is he lazy? Wasn't he well taught? Does he sleep in class? Etc. Ask yourself serious questions to get to the root of the problem. Visit the school, ask the teacher serious questions as well. Weigh the matter, present it to your husband, both of you can then think of possible ways of solving the problem. Men love women who approach issues maturely and intelligently. Learn to think solutions, learn to solve problems.
If his business is not doing fine, suggest ways he can boost his business and make sales. That's how to get a man give you attention!
If I want to get a man's attention, I connect with his deepest passion and concern. I connect with his vision and highest dream and see how I can contribute to make it work!
Ladies who say their men don't talk to them don't understand how to get a man talking or both of you simply don't belong together. Men talk! They talk sensible things, they talk business, they talk money, they talk success! They talk progress!
If all you enjoy talking about is local gossip and irrelevant things, your husband may not enjoy your company.
Yes, couples should talk about everything including those ladies' chit chats and day to day activities but if that's all you do, he may eventually find you boring!
Connect with his logical side. Learn to think like a man, deal with issues logically and intelligently help him solve problems. He will cherish you forever and make you his paddy of life!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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