Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Salute: To All The Male Virgins!

To all the MALE virgins here, tuale!

Hardworking dudes, tuale!

Dedicated husbands, tuale!!!

You can change diapers as a man, double tuale!!!

You give your wife orgasm during each love making, tripple tuale!!!

You know how to cook and wash plates, salute! Tuale sir!!!

You can bathe a day old bable, super tuale!!!

If you can cook fried rice and pound yam, tu tu tu tuale!!!

You can give all your salary to your wife, I am kneeling for you, mega tuale!!!

You can fast and pray for your wife, super tuale!!!

You love her like mad, like crazy, tu tu tuale!!!

You can kill yourself for her, tuale sir!!!!!!

You will never cheat on her, tuale baba!

It's not only women that should make all the sacrifice to make a marriage work. Men should too. We know women are home keepers and should do the dishes and bathe the baby, yes, for sure! 

You know she also goes to work and assist you to pay bills so please, be the man and assist her too. 

It doesn't make you less than a man, it rather makes you look macho and super sexy to your wife. Women love hubbies who assist and give them lots and loads and plenty of love and affection! 

You deserve so much respect if you do all these baba, once again, Tuale! Tuale! Tuale!

© Seun Oladele

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