Tuesday, 5 February 2019


My Opinions:

I believe Bushiri and his organization have been targeted by certain people but honestly there're lots of financial discrepancies going on in businesses, NPOs and NGOs in this country.

My Concern:

How do you expect foreign owners of businesses, NPOs & NGOs in South Africa to manage their finances without breaking the law (money laundering) when the constitution never made for them?

My Observation:

How some certain multi-national companies, NPOs & NGOs move their money without breaking the law? You will find out that some certain organizations often send money to their founders via the South African Reserve Banks. I do understand that there are certain approved amount of money one or business, NPO or NGO can move out of the country within a financial year but are they all saints?

My Conclusion:

I don't know Bushiri and I'm not a supporter but if is true what he and his organization did then why Nigeria never arrested MTN Nigeria representative for the so-called illegal movement of $8.1 Billion into South Africa?

South African government please note not everyone is gullible or scared of your nonsense!

By Olagunju, Success Taiwo.

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