Friday, 8 February 2019


This is a five set of books that would trigger you to change.

Series 1: Making the CHANGE Evident:Which talks about leaving the old life to new one and provides step to step ways to actually actualize change.

Series 2: Seed of CHANGE: Talks in-depth of the seeds that bring about CHANGE. It talks about the size, the value, Method of applying it, Who got the seeds, Where to find it and so much more.

Series 3:Power to CHANGE: It talks about the ability to change. The factors of change. The contrary force. The limitation to change and the victory of change. Not to get the celebration and Joy of change. 

Series 4: The message to CHANGE others: Is the concluding part of changing people through the kind of life you live. Through the kind of friends you have. Through the relationship you build and through the society you have around you.

Series 5: The confession of a CHANGED man.

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