Monday, 4 February 2019


In one of my preaching assignments recently, I heard of a Member of that congregation who has turned into a serious prayer point.
The brother ,a very handsome brother now sleeps with approximately three ladies daily.
The case is so bad that he comes to church, stay for a while, leaves for the nearest bar, smokes and get intoxicated and would return to church service to give his offerings.
Very many times, they have prayed for him, counseled him and all that.
Yet many people still see him, parade several prostitutes around nearby sex homes.
The Brother used to be a choir master in his church many years back. His voice could command divine and human attention.
The devil was afraid of his Angelic voice
Sicknesses were afraid of his Anointed voice
Demons trembled with great awe each time he led a session.
Many shattered hopes were rescued each time he led in worship or praise session.
Through him, the Lord multiplied the Church in greater proportion.
He was a serious street Evangelist
Moving from street to street
Burning in aggressive evangelism
He never heard Peace until he witnessed Jesus Christ to someone
Many people he preached are still in the Lord. Burning so fresh for the kingdom of Jesus Christ.
To many he was a great tool for spiritual reawakening.
He was so anointed in the ministry of Prayer.
He could pray so radically
People wondered at his spiritual stamina
Little did he know, he was the devils next target.
Gradually, he started developing love for alcoholism.
To the point he could take 7-8 bottles daily.
He became a reliable and popular client in every Bar in the neighborhood.
He could get drunk on a Sunday Morning before going to church.
He started going to brothels and several sex centers
Hiring prostitutes in their numbers
He Soon became a serious client for the sex hawkers.
Now, the Church is seriously praying for him.
From being a prayer machine, he became a prayer point.
From being a Soul winner, he became a soul to be Won.
A brother who used to be on fire for God now ablaze for the Devil
A Holyghost filled now always drunk with bottles of beer..
He went back to prostitutes he preached to, and started sleeping with them.
Now, listen, I know you are on fire for God
That's the reason for this Epistle
Get it right into your head,
The devil hates what you're doing for God
The Devil is not happy with you
The Devil wants to quench that fire
The Devil is not happy with who you are
He is sad that you're working for God
He is sad that you're giving him sleepless nights each time you pray
Those people God used you to deliver are his headache
He will not rest
He is on a revenge mission
He will not rest until he sees a prayerful man or woman become prayerless
He will not rest until he sees that child of God drowned in iniquity
He will not rest until you stop that evangelism
Many have fallen,
Many great generals have fallen
The devil is celebrating that he succeeded in quenching their fire
Now, Guard your LOINS
This is the time to PRAY!!!

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