Friday, 22 February 2019


If you are shouting at your fiance right now in courtship, only the God of heaven knows what you will do in marriage. Learn to talk to your partner with RESPECT. Practice how to talk to a man dear lady. His being your best friend does not mean you should open your mouth and dump trash on his head!
Yes, smile, play (not foreplay), talk, gist, pray, share the word, date, catch HOLY fun (HOLY OOOO!!!) but do all with RESPECT! Never abuse, shout at and disgrace your fiance because he is not yet your husband, and so? The Bible says "Honour ALL men".
Because she is your fiancee does not mean you should order her around like your maid, kilode? Is she your wife? You promised to marry her, and soooo? Please, respect yourself and respect her by treating her like your queen not a gutter girl you dragged down from your village!
Show your lady courtesy! When you open the door, let her be the first to enter. Pay her transport fare if you are both on an outing or she is returning home after a visit. Learn simple etiquette. Learn how to treat a lady, stop shouting and barking at her like a bush man. Are you from Sambisa forest or where?
No sex, no sex, no sex! Zip up! Real gentle men respect their penis, it's not public property. Only a mad man brings out his "pee pee" for public display! Jumping on her and tearing her apart for sex makes you look like an insane person. Who respects a mad man?
Okay, lady, you want to know how good he is in bed and you are smooching, seducing, asking for a kiss and a hug! You can't wait for marriage abi? How many guys have you slept with? Sleeping around has now become your hobby! You sleep with men you are not married to impunity and you now come crying they don't respect you, they used and dumped you. He doesn't trust you. For what? Why should he trust a lady who has slept with only God knows how many guys and is here seducing him too? Are you a bitch? Are you Delilah? Are you a prostitute? Are you a whore?
Stop that nonsense right now and put your pants under lock and key!
Virtuous ladies don't seduce men with their bodies, they are too expensive to stoop that low!
Courtship is real business, not for jokers! It's to lay a solid foundation for your marriage. If you mess it up now, what remains?


Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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