Monday, 18 February 2019


No, it is not your face that makes you ugly, character is.
It is not your two breasts that makes you a woman, kindness is.
It is not your succulent lips that makes you kissable to your husband, your wise, godly, caring, appreciative words is.
It is not your rounded buttocks that makes you worth dying for, it is your faithfulness, loyalty, long suffering and endurance.
It is not your figure 8 shape that makes you sexy to your husband, it is the shape and condition of your heart: your purity, unconditional love, mercy and compassion.
No woman is ugly, God did a marvelous, beautiful work on every woman.
Character is the difference between those who will marry right and have a good marriage and those who will not get married, experience marital delay, go through series of broken courtship or have serious marital crises.
Character is the real beauty of a woman. When a woman combines physical beauty with inner beauty and adds brain to it, she becomes a hot cake too hard to ignore.
Your problem is not scarcity of godly men, it is the scarcity of godly character on your part.
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Momma loves you big!
Thanks for reading, God bless you, cheers!
© Seun Oladele

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