Monday, 18 February 2019


In this last days, God is out pouring his wealth on givers, whether you give to the poor, the church or your family. Every giving you do should be seen as a seed not a waste of money because its coming back to you in multiple fold whether you like it or not!
If there is any area you must actively outdo your husband in marriage, it is giving! Most women today are pathetically selfish. They want to collect everything from the man and give little or nothing! "Shebi it is his responsibility" is the usual chant.Yes, he should take care of you and the kids, it's his primary responsibility but you are there to help, that is why he married you. Give, help, be ready to be blessed, God rewards givers! Selfish people don't break out of mediocrity! They don't leave a level, they remain stagnant for a long long time, the secret to being blessed is being a blessing. Be a blessing to your husband, children and the people around you and watch God lift you!
Some women complain their husbands don't take financial responsibility in the home. All effort to get him change proved abortive. Great! Roll up your sleeves darling lady, get down to work and take his responsibility. God must bless the giver in the family, if you are the giver, he will open doors of opportunities for you and bless you beyond measures! Never see giving your family as a waste! It's an investment that will yield results in due time!
You don't need to sleep with men to get money woman! The same money making brain the Lord gave to men, he gave to you too. Pray for ideas, think, ask questions, open your mind, heart, senses and learn ways to make and multiply money! It will amaze you where you will find yourself in 5 years!
There is nothing I have given the Lord has not multiplied for me especially in my family! My husband takes his financial responsibility very serious and I seriously look for ways to be a blessing! I want to be a blessing! My antenna are always up to see where I can contribute in my home and of course, there are several ways to contribute! I have always been rewarded by the Lord.
Men will do well to take their financial responsibility in the home serious so that God can keep blessing them. If you don't and allow your wife take over, all the blessings that suppose to go to you will be channeled towards her. In a godly marriage, both the husband and wife contribute in every way to the financial, spiritual, material and physical success of the home but the man takes the lion share. If you refuse to do your share and she does it all, don't be jealous if God starts blessing her.
Don't compete with your husband's authority, he is the head, he must be respected and honoured as the head. But if there is one area you should " compete" with him, it is in giving! Help your man, take care of your children if he refuses to. Work harder, start a business, diversify, think, pray, be hardworking and be a giver and watch God immensely reward you!
Do not wait for your man to do everything. You are bigger than that. Be a woman of substance, a wealth commander, a CEO, top notch consultant in your field. You can move from zero to hero. Start today and the Lord will lift you in due time!
May the good Lord grant you understanding. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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