Monday, 4 March 2019


Wearing bum short for him in the room is okay, hot and super sexy! A husband with 2 functioning eyes should chase you hard till he reaches Jerusalem unfortunately, some men seem blind and would rather chase side chickens than get turned on by their very beautiful wives at home!

I've heard some women say, "A cheat will cheat! If you like, turn 360 degree in bed, wear crazy super sexy clothes, seduce him till you drop dead, he will still cheat!" Sure! A man who has cheating in his blood will definitely cheat. It takes the fear of God and discipline to keep a man. I will advice single ladies here not to marry an ungodly man who lacks self control over his erection! If he always demand for sex in courtship and you give it to him so he won't run away, he will commit adultery in marriage.

Not all men cheat though. There are godly husbands who will never cheat but you need to help him stay pure by becoming stunning, irresistible, beautiful and super sexy to him! Forget about bum shorts and heavy makeup, that's not what makes a woman irresistible to her man. Hey! Don't crucify me, I'm not against make up please. I paint lips and draw eyebrow (very moderately sha). I also like wearing transparent clothes when I'm in the mood and need to get him hot as soon as possible, but, that alone does not make a woman really really sexy to her man.

No matter how shiny and beautiful my make up is, if I am hot tempered, verbally assaulting, disrespectful to his authority, treats him like trash, always nag life out of him, I will look very ugly to him! Bad attitude will ruin your make up and turn you to a Jezebel! No matter how haaaaaawwwwwwwt your night gown is, you may have the craziest hips in the world, softest lips in the universe, beautiful, full, throbbing breasts any one can ever imagine, if you lack character, he won't find you sexy! After one year of marriage, he may get fed up of your terrible attitude and look for peace of mind outside!

Physical beauty alone does not keep a man. Beautiful character must match it. A respectful, kind, intelligent, hard working, patient and wise, especially wise woman is very beautiful and super sexy to a man. Men are turn on by women who respect, honour, cherish, totally adore, celebrate them and show them compassion, they get eager to love them, give to them and make love to them (IN MARRIAGE).

Don't focus so much on your beauty and neglect your character when praying for a husband. Your beauty may attract a man, it is your character that will keep him. I've seen tall, rich, extremely handsome men marry ladies not so beautiful or physically endowed and are so madly in love with them you will think they are either blind or charmed! Yes, her character did the charming!

Let's work on our character ladies. As we look good, dress neat, spray the perfume, make over and look stunning physically, let's also dress our spirits and our minds, let's beautify our character by being kind, respectful, loving, forgiving, compassionate, hospitable, humble, loyal, hardworking, wise, intelligent and virtuous. May the good Lord help us to be all we need to be to have a great, super rosy marriage. I love you. 

Thanks for reading, God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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