Tuesday, 19 March 2019


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"I don't know the lady from Adam and don't even know what it means but I think God is saying something. I've been seeing her in my dreams for weeks now. I think Sister Sandra must be the woman I've been waiting for. The mother of my kids"
"I see...but sir that is not enough reason for you to start searching for a wedding planner, please go to God in prayers and know what that dream means before you say anything to her about marriage" I said praying under my breath that the brother would just stop arguing and let me focus on my work.

Bro Kingsley went to pray and God told him the lady is the daughter of one of his Uncles who lived in the Northern part of the country.

He was told to go and give the sister a sum of two thousand Naira as she has been weeping in her closet for days over the Money which she needs for a departmental project.
He nearly fainted when the Lord told him but his fainting would have been more than that if he had taken the Lady home as his bride-to-be.

Dreams are wonderful and a lot of singles claim they have dreams about a stranger or a known person...if only you take your time to ask what the Lord is saying it might shock you that God might be trying to show you the next person to bless or the Sister who would lead you to your desired job.
Not every signpost you see on your way that is having the address to where you are headed and similarly it's not everyone you see in your dream that will follow you into the land of your dreams.
Pray and get a well detailed explanation from your Father before you take any decision.

May we not pick stones and call it bread...Amen.

By Yemi Marvy Gem.

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