Friday, 15 March 2019


Surprised and confused as to why she was crying, he placed his palm on her hands. “Folakemi? What happened? Why are you crying? Or have I said something wrong? He asked with concern written all over his face.
She quickly wiped her tears, not wanting to embarrass herself the more. “No, I’m totally fine. Don’t mind me, I just got emotional”. She said as she sniffed her nose.
“Emotional ke? About what? Is there something you are not telling me? He asked with a raised brow.
She gave a brief smile. “Really I’m fine! She answered. But one look at Ademiju’s facial expressions, she knew he wasn’t ready to take that for an answer. She quickly chipped in, you know, I have been trusting God to release an album from the songs inspiration I received during my “Alone time with Him”.
“I just didn’t want to end up like those people that kept the gift God gave them or the inspiration they received from God in a book; hindering the lives it was meant for from being blessed. You know. “Since the day her spirit led her to read the parable of the talents; the understanding of it had hit her and she remembered praying to God that she would maximize the talents given unto her”.
“So you now telling me what God had said, opened my understanding to the truth that the time has finally come for God to launch out my ministry and fulfill all those promises He had made to me. She concluded. "Though what she had said was actually the truth but she knew it wasn’t the reason for her tears. But she couldn’t bring herself to tell him the truth, could she?
Relaxed with what she just said, he smiled as he answered her. “He moves in an unexpected ways and He never says what He cannot do”.
“Wow! Time has really gone o! He said as he rubbed his eyes slightly.
“Alright sha, let’s keep trusting God for more instructions on how to go about it. But in the meantime… he said as he picked up her phone from the dashboard and exchanged numbers with her. He mused at the fact that she didn’t use any security password on her phone. Nice! “Have it saved” because I will be your regular caller.
It was a rough ride back home. She couldn’t even fathom how she managed to get home. First she was tired and very much sleepy. Though, that can’t be compared to the emotional stress that’s threatening to tear her apart. It hurts so much! She said to herself as the thought of how everything went brought tears down her eyes.
“She managed to walk into her apartment as she locked the door behind her and went straight to bed.
But God! How could this have happened to me? How could you allow me fall in love with this man so quickly? When you know he wasn’t your will for my life, why didn’t you stop me? She questioned as fresh tears flowed down her eyes.
“You said you will give your angels charge over me, you said they will hold me up in their hands so that I won’t hurt my foot against a stone! What now happened? Why did you allow me dash my heart against a rock?
"As she laid down there, a scriptural verse gently came to her mind.
"She saw it in Matthew 6:8 as she read it slowly to herself: Don’t be like them, for your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask Him!
“As she pondered on the verse, she heard His voice clearly in her heart.
“I didn’t send Ademiju your way for you both to be engaged”.
That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back as she totally broke down in tears. Why then did you stir up my heart in such manner? That’s what it looks like. Coupled with the fact that you said the person will be into music as well. She said amidst heavy sobs.
“When you felt the stirring in your heart, why didn’t you confirm what the stirring is really all about? My thoughts are not your thoughts and so are my ways. I know you, and I know what you need and I know who complements your person and purpose, I want to give you a man that will keep fitting you all the days of your life!
Blaming herself for being impatient and at the same time crying in awe of God’s love and promises over her still; she thought of how she could have saved herself the heartache if she had simply prayed to God to speak to her about it more clearly.
Oh Lord! I know that accepting your will over this matter is like swallowing a bitter pill. But please help me to get over it and please reveal to me the man you have for me. She silently prayed as she slowly drifted off to sleep.
To be continued…
Written by Tolulope Dabo.

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