Friday, 29 March 2019


Some ladies have been complaining seriously about their fiance's stinginess, keeping secrets about how much they earn, spending too much on his people, not getting a comfortable apartment before wedding etc while some guys lament the lady wants a bigger wedding than what he can afford!
Honey, that guy is not your ATM machine for God's sake! That he is in courtship with you does not mean he must empty his hard earned money on you and go into debt! Stop looking for who to drop your colossal problem on. If you need money, dust your certificate, go look for job and take good care of yourself. If he has, he will give, if not, don't give him hypertension! He has not married you, you are already demanding for money like he bought you on credit? Are you for sale?
Marriage is about giving ooo sweet ladies! Don't go there like a gross liability looking for a man to give you #10 for matches! Use your brain, work with your two hands and prove to a man you are principally in his life to give not suck him dry!
If he can only afford a room self contain for your marriage, add your own money to get a mini-flat if that is what you want. If you can't, don't kill him. Release him in peace to find a lady who will start small with him and grow big!
If you want a big wedding and he can honestly afford small one, either you provide the balance for the big wedding or make do with a small one. I don't know what is wrong with some ladies! They are so narrowed thinking, they carry the problem of four generations on their head! Must you call a big crowd to your wedding? Must you wear 100k wedding gown? Must your wedding be on a Saturday? Must you kill a cow? Must you go into debt? After they push the man into debt, they are now hungry after wedding, you will still be telling the whole world your husband is stingy, he doesn't take care of you, don't kill him oooo!
You can't tell a man not to give to his mother and siblings because of you. Na only you waka come? Why would the poor mother who sent him to school suffer because he married you? Go and look for job and take care of yourself, bikonu! Your husband will definitely take care of you but he can't neglect his family because of you so shift let him pass!
If you demand too much your partner will hide his salary from you because once you know how much he earns, you will milk him dry. If you are the greedy, always demanding for money type in relationships, men will hide their money from you big time!
Every man wants to marry an asset not a liability! A woman who comes into his life to make his life better not worse, to add not to subtract, to multiply not divide! When you work hard, make money, give your man ideas that will help him make more money and multiply his income, he will give to you without stress. You don't need to ask a man for money before he gives, if he genuinely loves you he will take care of you and ensure you do not lack.
Before you ask a man for money, you should have solved at least half of your problem, that way you show you are responsible but circumstances beyond your control make you seek help.
A woman worth dying for is an Amazon! A money making machine! A helper! A contributor! A bank of ideas, an hard working virtuous woman! A multiplier of resources, a giver! Super generous, loving, caring yet humble, very humble!
I'm not encouraging men to be stingy. You have to give to your partner and take care of her but trust me, when a man genuinely loves you, he gives without asking, you don't need to ask at all.
Dewunmi gave me his all while in courtship. He put me as number one. In marriage he keeps giving without asking, so selfless, so humble, so sacrificial, so generous to the core!
Bottom line, marry your soul mate darling, when you do so, it is easier to give to him, it is easier for him to give to you. It is easier to help each other become better and greater "for TWO are BETTER than one and they have a REWARD for THEIR LABOUR" May you not miss your soul mate.
Thanks for reading. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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