Tuesday, 16 April 2019


Recently, I planned to spend 5 hours with the Lord. 2 hours studying the word and meditating, 3 hours praying. I was in the high mood to fellowship with my lovely father in heaven. While getting set, my 2 kids barged into the room where I was to pray, chirping, telling stories, calling my attention with the second shaking his head in "prayers" and the first climbing the table ready to tell stories I had heard over and over again till I lost count!
God! My prayer mood was deflated! I almost burst into tears!
Sending them out and concentrating on the prayer is a waste. With the two boys fighting, kicking, playing around, making noise and reporting back and forth, I just have to find my way round the whole thing.
Hubby had to rescue me. He helped me stay with the boys and I ended up spending 1 hour instead of 5 hours.
Balancing motherhood especially when the kids are small with one's prayer life can be so challenging. Millions of Christian women face this world wide!
What makes us spiritual giants is not how many hours we spend on our knees, shaking our heads and binding the devil (of course, tarrying in God's presence is great and we all should aspire towards it), it is how REGULAR we pray in faith and fellowship with the Lord. Meaning, you can spend a million years praying and get nothing out of it and you can spend twenty minutes and achieve monumental results, the key here is faith. Pray consistently in faith.
With kids running around the house, lots of house chores to do, going to work plus the regular love making in between, there may be no perfect time to build your spiritual life my dear fellow mothers. Lots of women feel guilty for not having time to spend with the Lord, then give up altogether till they grow cold and their spiritual life is no where to be found.
The bible says we should "Pray at all times...", "Pray without ceasing..." That's fair enough for mothers.
To keep your spiritual life hot and alive, pray at all times. Don't wait for the perfect time to arrange the room and spend 24 hours you may not have it!
Pray as you get up from the bed, pray in the kitchen, pray in the toilet, pray on the road ( with your eyes opened of course). Pray when the kids are sleeping (encourage them to go to bed early so you can have time for the Lord), pray when they've gone to school and you are at home.
Use every available time the kids are not around to pray. Install Bible apps on your phone. Read your Bible at break time, read while the kids are with dad. Read while awaiting transaction in the banking hall. Read in the vehicle, read at night.
There is always time to do what's most important in life. There will always be some little time to spare for the Lord while taking care of the kids. And there is always the big time in the night.
Don't kill yourself if you are not praying for several hours at a stretch. Those little times count. The 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, 20 minutes here, 30 minutes there means a lot. If you add them up, you have spent a seizable amount with the Lord, keeping your spiritual life in shape and being happy with the Lord is very crucial for every Christian. This is end time, we cannot afford to joke with our spiritual life.
Motherhood does not have to douse your spiritual fire! You can be in tune with the lord and still be a great mum to your kids.
Wisdom is key! May the Lord give us all the wisdom we need to balance motherhood with our spiritual life. May your spiritual life not go into the cooler!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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