Wednesday, 10 April 2019


Is the reason many lose their virginity, are rape victims, commit adultery, sleep around and end up broken, shattered, battered and in perpetual shame and regret forever!
The only cure to sexual temptation is FLEE, no more no less! I love my Bible like crazy! It is down to earth practical yet full of faith! The Bible says the only solution to your red hot, burning hormones is to take to your heels, FLEE! To flee means to run, vamoose, jet off, disappear, avoid, keep off, stay away from, erase, delete, step aside from, etc!
Some over spiritual, foolish people, who either has lost their virginity, are battling with lust or deeply enmeshed in adultery they have even lost count of how many people they have slept with will tell you you can't run forever! They make you feel something is wrong with you for running! You are accused of being WEAK and has serious SEXUAL PROBLEMS! They even call you wicked! You ought to stay there and preach to the man/woman till they come to repentance! Why would you abandon them when they need your help. Help you say?
Joseph tried to help Portiphar's wife, he preached so much saliva almost dried in his mouth, the demon possessed woman didn't hear any damn thing he said, all she was screaming was sex, sex, sex, no one told that super sexy guy to flee! I love Joseph, he is a super smart guy upstairs! Samson like some anointed men today didn't flee, "great men don't flee, they face temptation", he must have reasoned! He tried different tactics to keep off Delilah but she didn't back off till she hacked him down!
When a man is hell bent on getting you lady, you are in soup, unless you flee for your destiny! When a Delilah wants to bring you down brother, none of your powerful messages are heard till she brings you down! Flee from all appearances of evil is what the Holy Book says! Tamar too preached but Amon didn't hear anything, all he wanted was sex and he raped her neat! You can't hang around sexual temptation and not do it! Proud people run towards what they should run away from! The Bible says "Let he that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall". He is talking to proud over confident people!
A relationship should move from friendship to love to chemistry to marriage! If it hits off in strong sexual chemistry, it is no longer straight, it is bent, and you need to back off! It is an abnormal relationship!
Some people say, "Can't you keep the relationship and control your sexual feelings? NO! Sexual chemistry is so powerful! Your brain has identified that person with sex, each time you see them there is a spark from your inside that floods your entire being with unusual warmness leading to strong sexual feeling and desire! Some people call it love at first sight, there is nothing like that, it is lust at first sight!
What about strong sexual chemistry in courtship, does it mean you should run away from your partner? Nay! Chemistry in courtship is understandable, simply avoid tempting, lonely environment and plan your wedding if you can't keep your fingers off each other anymore! When I started needing sex, I simply got married, full stop!
Your courtship shouldn't hit off on a strong desire to kiss, romance and have sex, it should start with friendship! If you pursue her and choose to marry her because of her busty front and loaded back, you are in lust and your marriage won't last!
What about sexual temptations from opposite sex friends? Avoid them! Your Pastor? Report him to God if he won't leave you alone and if he persists, leave his church! "What about my boss? I don't want to lose my job in this present economic recession!" If he is not responding to your language, report him to God, God knows how to deal with people like that! He either removes him temporarily or permanently! And if God is not removing him for reasons best known to Him, quit the job and pray for another one! It's better to lose a job than lose your precious destiny! Too many ladies are sleeping with their bosses out of the fear of losing their job! But they do not fear the God who is capable of throwing their sinful soul into hell fire! He is a married man and he is chasing you around? Hell, no! Get him out of your life!
God's warning is clear, "flee youth full lust"; flee fornication, flee adultery! May the lord grant you the grace to do what is right before it is too late. FEEL FREE TO SHARE. God bless you cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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