Thursday, 4 April 2019


You can be a feminist at your place of work, business or school, don't bring it into your marriage if you don't want to end up a divorcee.
Lots of women are suffering from wrong information digested from the social media.
A man is the head of the home and must be treated like your head, husband, father, President, Pastor, Bishop, Emperor, King, leader and your CEO if you must enjoy him. Men derive pleasure from women who make them feel like kings and can sacrifice anything to make that woman happy.
At work, you can be the greatest feminist in the world, rubbing shoulders with the men, competing with your colleagues, challenging mediocrity, getting ahead with mind blowing achievements, being the boss (if you are the boss), giving orders and being on top of your business/career. You do not owe them any submission though we should honour all men, respect people and be kind to humanity.
The Bible says you are to submit to your OWN husband, not all the men on the street. Let's get the balance please. When we obey the word, we will have no problem with our marriages but when we are proving smarter than God, we are looking for problem.
It is wrong to submit to all the men in the world and treat your man like trash. It is wrong to compete with men out there and still compete with your man at home.
Please, let's separate work from home and have peace. No matter what we have achieved out there we should always remember we have a head. We didn't marry ourselves, a man married us. He respected us enough to pay our bride price and bring us under his roof. Just as we want our men to show us unconditional love, we should give them unconditional respect, submission, honour and adoration. A man who is loved with compassion and mercy will soften down for his wife and not take her for granted.
Does submission means we should be dummies and do every damn thing our husbands ask us even if they are outright stupid and dangerous? No! Do not do anything sinful.
We should not do anything outright foolish, stupid or dangerous in the name of submission.
We can maturely, nicely but firmly let them realize that what they ask us to do is against God's standard, we can humbly suggest better options and use our subtle feminine power to convince them. If they still insist, pray, commit them into God's hands and do what is right no matter what.
It's time as women we need to realize we have hidden power within us to achieve greatness, change the world, make impact and influence our men for good. You have an enormous power within you to make your marriage heaven on earth if you so desire. God's word is the source of this power! Go for it! Obey it! Honour it to the letter and your life and marriage will never remain the same again.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

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