Monday, 22 April 2019


Some ladies have wandered what makes it easy for some ladies to attract men with ease while they struggle to get a single proposal talk less of getting married!
They keep wandering how a single lady will attract 10 suitors at a go while they have to fight hard to get a man's attention. What makes the difference? What is the secret?
How do you make a man lose his senses and go completely crazy for you? How do you turn his head " upside down" and make him desperate to put the wedding ring on your finger?
1. DON'T GO ALL OUT TO ATTRACT MEN: It's repulsive. If you are all out to get a man at all cost while trying too hard to get men drool over you, you will make mistakes, you will falter and make a fool of yourself. I've seen ladies wear super high heels threatening to break their ankles because they want to attract men! I've seen over done, heavy make up that make some ladies look like witches! Some laugh sheepishly at men while pouring out gibberish and folly. Some allow men touch them indecently. Some wear body exposing clothes just to make a man look their way, men can smell desperation afar off and it turns them off. Just be yourself. Go out to be friendly not to attract men by fire, by thunder, by force!
2. If you want a man to faint for you, RESPECT HIM. Respect for a man is a number one love booster that gets a man completely crazy over a woman. A woman who knows how to respect her husband has a permanent romantic, generous, sweet, gentle lamb living with her. Ladies who know how to treat men like kings, Presidents of corporation, the Lord of their businesses, the celebrated, unique staff at his place of work will have men fall over themselves to marry her.
3. NOT ALL MEN WILL LIKE YOU. You have to understand that. Some may find your temperament/personality threatening at no fault of your own and move back and that is perfectly okay as long as you know you are.nice and virtuous. To break down because some men won't look your way is immature.
4. COMPLIMENTS: Men go completely crazy for ladies who.compliment them. I've seen this magic work over and over again. If you want a man mesmerized and "fall" for you, compliment him a lot. Admire his achievement, intellect, looks, sense of dressing, spirituality etc. to be admired, praised and totally adored. It is their "weakness", an infallible button to press to make him go ga-ga and on top of the world for you.
5. HAVE A VISION/BUSINESS/CAREER/MINISTRY etc you are pursuing. Men are mesmerized by hardworking, result-oriented and successful women. When you are good and successful at what you do, men will bow for you.
6. BEAUTY: Beautiful women turn men's head without stress but it's better you add brain to the beauty. That is what makes a woman worth really pursuing or men will just sleep with you.over and over again and dump you. Be gorgeous when occasion demands. Be clean and attractive. Do the hair style that fits you. Keep your face feminine, comely and attractive. Be sweet to look at. Be comely and irresistible.
7. BE FUN TO BE WITH: Friendly ladies don't lack suitors. Learn to smile, crack clean, good jokes, laugh from your heart, gist sensibly, get along with people, flow with positive minds and be alive when you are with people. Be fun to be with. People go through stress daily, don't add to their problems with your hard, unsmiling face and rocky hard personality. It won't make men come near, it will.make them pick race! stop here because of time. More information are in my ebooks: "How To Attract Your Perfect Soul Mate" and "Overcoming Marital Delay."
Practice these points and get ready to meet your perfect soul mate soon. You've stayed too long being single, it's time to locate your spouse and get married gloriously.
Your partner is searching for you. Make it easy for them to locate you. Be attractive in and out and men will fall over themselves to wed you and shower love on you forever.
Thanks for reading. Feel free to share. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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