Monday, 13 May 2019

Be Discovered.

This is an eye opener for all single sisters, especially for those who are not yet in a relationship and for those who are desirous of being engaged soon, not just to ordinary men but the right man.
I have come to realize that certain valuable materials or important treasures, such as gold are not found on the surface of the earth but are buried deep beneath the earth crust.
There are many ladies that can be easily found using invaluable means like gifts, caring, cash and pleasure to be wooed into a relationship. And this is often the strategy of bad boys or players.
Meanwhile, some ladies can be easily caught when you bait them with attention, tell them beautiful lies or promise them marriage. Like the right password into a secured system, they will tell you 'access granted' into their soul and body.
Don't be cheap. I do not mean that you should form hard-to-get but that you scale up your price and worth. It is said of the virtuous woman that her price is far above rubies. You see that?
A lady that would be a plus to a man's destiny is one who has carefully kept herself in the enclaves of the Most High and she's diligently pursuing her God-given purpose alongside the development of her inner beauty.
There are some ladies that as a man, you have to pray to God to show you if they're the right person to marry or not. But many are they that you don't even need to waste your time praying, mere observation and knowing their password will grant you access into their life.
Gold isn't discovered through cheap means, you have to pay the price to seek it. You know!
Be a woman whose heart is so hidden in God that it would cost a man who is sold out to God to have access into your life.
This does not mean that you should be unsocial or ignorantly spiritual; it does mean that you should have an intimate and growing relationship with God. Be heavenly minded and earthly relevant.
Next is that you must be a woman of purpose. I do not mean pursuing your own personal ambition that contradicts why He created you but that you live to fulfill why God has created you.
Adam was made to fall into deep sleep before the woman can be made. It also cost him spiritual cognition (by divine revelation or spiritual discernment) to know that she's the one when he saw her.
When a woman isn't into God and she's not living a life in tangent with His purpose, she will resolve to the use of external means to make herself 'available'.
They make themselves available to every Tom, Dick and Harry for relationship through their bodies. They open their cleavages as though they are products in a showroom. They use what they have to get what they want. And they try to lower their standards so that they can accommodate an array of ordinary men. And at the end, they call themselves Slay Queens.
See, important things are covered. Valuable treasures are discovered. What kind of single lady are you becoming? This will tell on the mother you'd become. Will you be discovered prayerfully, patiently and carefully or you would just be a few weeks project, discovered through cheap means, juice extracted and thrown away like a piece of trash?
Some ladies are so fantastically cheap that all you need to find them is to give them money strategically, buy things for them or discover their mumu button; fiam! You have won their heart.
Are you discoverable? And what would it cost a man to discover you?
In the process of being discovered, don't lower your guards because you are running out of age. It's a lie from the pit of hell you are told to go against your moral, purposeful and spiritual values so that men will discover you.
Be social, but don't be ignorantly social. Relate with the opposite sex but don't be desperate. Be hospitable, but don't be loose. Be friendly but don't let your friendliness be evil spoken of.
If you sense that you are running out of age, pray more. You can't overpray.
I reiterate, don't form hard-to-get but be so into God and His purpose for your life that only a man who has discovered God's purpose for his life and he's sold out to Him will discover you and marry you.
© Oluwamayowa Adeniyi.

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