Friday, 3 May 2019


Some men can do anything to win a lady's love, then change almost immediately the wedding service is over. They can do push up, push down, climb tree, act like a monkey, jump like a frog, dance, do dangerous acrobatic display, weep, promise heaven on earth, swear, faint, "die" , fall sick, do abracadabra to make her fall in love then after wedding and few more years, vooose! Everything disappears, I mean evaporate, vamoose with nothing left expect sex and payment of bills!
Whatever you do to get her before marriage, you must continue in marriage ooo or your wife will be lost. That friendly, always laughing at your jokes, very attractive, joyful, youngish, lively lady will be lost.
She married you because she liked your drama and hoped you will continue. Why did you stop? Were you deceiving her when you were chasing her?
If you were singing 5 love songs in courtship, you should sing 10 in marriage. If you used to take her out every weekend, you must continue in marriage. If you used to write 20 love letters per week, you better continue in marriage. If you bought her love with money, oga, make plenty of it and continue to buy it in marriage.
Bottom line, what you cannot finish, don't start. What you won't do, don't promise, what you cannot sustain, don't venture into it. Only do what you can honestly continue to do in marriage and get better at doing them. Hubby always showed me courtesy in courtship, he still does so and more in marriage. How would open the door and allow me to go in first, he still does so in marriage. You must follow the rules of simple courtesy and etiquette both in courtship and marriage!
Marriage can be lots of fun and bring immense joy and pleasure if couples will learn to chase, desire and do what they promised in courtship but it will be a big disappointment and a source of boredom if fun, friendship and romance is taken out of marriage.
Never stop courting each other in Marriage, continue, bikonu! You must CONTINUE!!!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

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