Wednesday, 15 May 2019


Yes, you discover your purpose through your gift, passion, talent, abilities and calling -that is a knowing in your spirit that this is what God wants you to do.
You see, God did not create you to labour at what you hate. He wants you to do things that comes natural to you and gives you fulfilment.
What is your greatest gift? What do you have flair for? What's your natural ability? What set of people do you have compassion for? Start developing your self in that area.
If you love singing and wants to be a great singer, go for voice training. You want to be a great writer, start writing. You won't be perfect at first. Take a book and write whatever comes to your mind, with time your writing becomes better. You want to be a business tycoon? Start small. Sell from where you are, don't wait till you have a big shop or a large office. Sell from your house, school or corner and with time it becomes an international conglomerate. You want to be an actor/actress, media person or a celebrity, start small. Join the drama department in your church/ school and grow from there. Most of the world known celebrities started out from church.
Have a mentor. Someone who have achieved what you aspire to achieve. Learn from people you respect and admire. You don't have to meet them in person before you learn. You can learn a great deal from them through their books, tapes and seminars and if you are priviledged to meet them in person, maximise the opportunity.
Ask God to reveal who you are to you. He will show you through your increased passion to affect the world in the area of your greatest and biggest gift.
There is something about discovering who you are and developing your talent; you begin to have a sense of purpose. You develop a strong self esteem because you know you have something and you are going somewhere to happen. There are springs to your steps, melody in your heart and light in your eyes.
You become more confident, gracious and feel awesome and on top of the world.
You are in charge of your life and destiny. You need no one to make you fulfilled. God has made you fulfilled.
You walk tall as a woman.

© Seun Oladele

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