Friday, 10 May 2019


It's great being a woman. I'm glad I'm not a man. No, men are great, women are great. I'm just happy I came here as a womb-man, it's been fantastic all the way!
You can be a great woman. A woman filled with purpose, passion and strong self esteem. You can be a force to be reckoned with -a world shaker, a phenomenon, an enigma, a leader, a wealth commander, a business tycoon, a great writer, speaker, preacher, wife and mother. With God, nothing is impossible!
To start with. You've got to have a purpose for your existence. Why are you here? To marry, have children, grand children and then die? Come on, life is more than that or else God wouldn't create you so uniquely.
Some ladies only dream of marrying a rich man who builds them a big house, buys them a fashion car and one with whom they have fabulous kids. No! Life is more than that!
You need to ask yourself this question. "Why I'm I here? Why did God create me? What's my purpose for existence?"
What drives you is the reason why you are here. That burning passion in your heart. Those gifts, that talent, that unique motivation is the reason why you are on earth.
You don't need to go far to know God's will for your life. You don't need to hear a thunder from heaven. God attaches your calling to your talent, passion and gifting. He gave you unique strengths and abilities. There are things you find very easy to do no matter how difficult it is for others. Some things drive you to tears while others laugh it off. For instance, a woman who God wants to raise orphans may weep at the sight of an abandoned baby while others just watch or rain curses on it's mother.
It is after discovering your gifts, developing them to a high standard and making good use of then will you feel great, fulfilled and on top of the world. Your self esteem sky rockets and you begin to walk tall as a woman. You don't need any man before you feel great, you are already great baby!
I shall be concluding the second part tomorrow on discovering and fulfilling your purpose.

© Seun Oladele.

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