Thursday, 16 May 2019


When it comes to proposing to ladies, some men are complete failures! Their request is sure to get a big, capital NO and they are everything a lady wants to forget with speed.
Don't be daft when it comes to approaching ladies. Some guys just have very low social intelligence. Winning a lady's heart is simple if you know how to play your game but if not, you will stay single for a long long time.
Never jump on a lady and slap her in the face with a marriage proposal and expect her to scream YES into your ear drum! Study that lady from afar first. If there is a lady you like, from a little distance, begin to study her.
What's her temperament? How does she relate with people? Is she friendly? Does she have good character? Is she sociable? What is her hubby? You can indirectly ask few people who know her some questions without giving away your motive. If you are satisfied with your "reseach", you can then build friendship. Make her your friend first. I don't need to teach you how to make friends with someone unless you need serious deliverance. Alright, read Dale Carnegie's book: HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE.
Be friends! Show interest in her hubby and vision. Ask harmless questions. Get her talking; listen to her a lot. If she likes you, she will respond, if not, she will shut down. If she shuts down completely, leave her alone in peace and go look for someone else, don't force an unwanted friendship on her.
For those who claim they heared God and must force a YES out of the poor lady's mouth, you are simply not serious! Never force a lady to say yes to you, go back to God and ask him to convince the sister. If her answer is still NO, you didn't hear God in the first place. Leave the poor lady alone and move on!
After you have built friendship for at least 6 months, and you can see through her body language that she likes you and enjoys being with you, you can then make your proposal. There is an 80% chance you will get a YES.
Some guys just appear from no where, dump an ugly proposal on an innocent lady and begins to harrass her for an answer, excuse me, are you an Ogre? Even Shrek didn't harass his lady love!
Be smart! Learn to win a lady's heart before asking for her hand in marriage, you will save yourself lots of dissapointment and respect yourself better.
Before my husband proposed, he had won my heart 100%. I was in love with him, prayed about it and God confirmed he's my man so when the tall, charming, brilliant, gentle man asked for my hand in marriage, he got a YES immediately, no wasting time! I don't like someone wasting my time so I didn't waste his. The proposal was simple yet so glorious and beautiful. I literally felt God's presence and angels sang love songs while he proposed to me...
No, my experience is not a yardstick for yours. Do what works for you but do not turn women to puppets who must always dance to your tune when it comes to marriage proposals. Learn to win a lady's heart. God bless.

© Seun Oladele

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