Friday, 3 May 2019


1. FLIRY RELATIONSHIP: Unrepentant flirts with seductive messages don't build realistic relationships. It is a lust filled, dirty talking relationship with no single substance in it. End it before it ends your destiny.
2. GOSSIPPING RELATIONSHIP: If all you do when you are together is gossip, make jest of, criticize and condemn others, you are in a disastrous relationship going some where to happen.
3. NEGATIVE TALKING RELATIONSHIP: where all you do is talk about every damn negative thing in your life and nothing positive whatsoever, that relationship will drag you backward and empty every energy you need to succeed in life. End it, before it ends you.
4. LIES FILLED RELATIONSHIP: No truth whatsoever! You tell lies, pretend and decieve each other with fake stories, reports, lifestyle and achievements that are out of this world. You pretend and lie a lot to gain acceptance from them and people!
5. LUSTY RELATIONSHIP: All you do here is talk dirty; sex chat, flirty chat, porn chat, video your private part chat, club, act dirty, have sex and only God knows what else you do together will ruin your destiny in capital letters, as in RUIN!
5. PURPOSELESS RELATIONSHIP: No purpose, just wasting and whiling away time. Every relationship should be defined at the beginning, if it has no bearing, you shouldn't be together in the first place.
6. GODLESS RELATIONSHIP: where you never once talk about Jesus, pray together or encourage one another in the word except talk about useless, irrelevant things will throw you in hell!
It's one thing to know how to make friends, it's another thing to know which relationship is best for you to keep and the one to put an abrupt end to.
Not everyone can be your friend. If you want to become great in life and fulfil your destiny, you must practice Amos 3:3 and 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 with no apology, it will be great if you add Proverbs chapter 4:14-27 to it.
Select the people you walk with. The path of greatness is narrow, not everyone can walk with you.
My father in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo is fond of saying, "Those who walk, walk with many, those who run, run with few, those who fly, fly alone." If you want to soar high like the eagle, you need to do the needful. May the good Lord grant you understanding. Thanks for reading, God bless you, cheers!

By Seun Oladele.

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