Friday, 24 May 2019


The woman a man wants to die for, chase hard, get married to and make sacrifices to make her happy forever has these qualities:
1. She has a very good self esteem. 
2. She is very passionate about God
3. She has a heart of kindness
4. She is humble
5. She is respectful.
6. She is sexually pure, chaste, untouched, unused; repentant (if has been deflowered in her past).
7. She has a good job
8. She is financially independent.
9. She is generous, hospitable, warm, accommodating, selfless, sacrificial
10./ She is feminine (not a feminist towards marriage).
Godly men don't want sex from you in courtship, he needs your character and sense of purpose. Married men don't just love their wives and cherish them because she gives him regular sex and has mind blowing curves but because she loves God...she loves herself...she loves him...she loves everyone.
That is the summary. A beautiful woman is a true lover. Check 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, add the qualities listed above and you will become stunningly beautiful to suitors and your husband in marriage.
May your beauty come out!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

Thursday, 23 May 2019


There are some things your spouse can't take in marriage, talk about these while in courtship and if married, you just have to accept the fact that your spouse doesn't like them and change. If they insist they must continue (in courtship) and you honestly can't handle it, please, for Christ's sake, don't get all emotional and lose your senses, end the relationship in peace, end it now!
If you are already married, you just have to shift. If it is something against your conscience or beliefs, turn to God in prayer and both of you may need to see an experienced marriage counsellor!
If they want you to dress in a particular way, as long as it is not sinful, you MUST dress that way. That is marriage! If he wants you to step up your bedroom game, shed excess fat, be nicer to him and smell better, you have to work on it! If she wants you to spend more time with her, massage her back every night before you go to bed, as a mature married man who understands what marriage is about, you just have to massage that back!
Marriage is not for stubborn people. A successful marriage is for 2 mature adults who will do anything to make each other happy!
If you are stubborn, rigid, proud and un submissive, you are grossly immature and not ready for marriage regardless of your age!
There are some things your spouse can't take from you, there are some they just can't take! They can't!
My husband dislikes short skirts and skin tight trousers, I just had to give them up. I do not wear them again. I don't watch Bollywood and Hollywood movies anymore because he dislikes them except they are edifying and promote Christ so I do not watch Bolly and Hollywood movies anymore. As much as I loved watching Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Khan, Sharukh Khan, Preita Zinta, Priyanka Chopra, Amitabh Bachan and his handsome son perform, I had to lay them down at the altar of marriage and I am better off for it.
Hubby has shifted a lot to make me happy too. There are sacrifices he has made and he's still making for me. There are habits he gave up for me and there are new ones he picked to make me happy. I love him so much and he earns my respect at a higher degree!
Talk in courtship. Marriage is not by fire, by thunder, by force! If they are not going your direction, end the relationship now! If Amos 3:3 does not work in your courtship, you are joking!
If the time you spend fighting, arguing and quarreling in courtship is far more than the time you are in agreement you are with someone else's bone and flesh.
A sign of God's will is peace and agreement.
You will not mischoose!
Shift for your spouse in marriage and you will both be happier for it. I love you!

© Seun Oladele

Wednesday, 22 May 2019


Source: Seun
Dear beautiful daughter of Zion praying for a great man to marry. Do you have what it takes to make a man great?
Is greatness in you? If it is not, no matter high a man has gone in life, you will bring him down! If greatness is in you, no matter how low, poor and suffering a man is, you will bring him high up to greatness.
What is in you? What do you carry? Blessing or curses? Failure or success? Greatness or obscurity. What you have is what you will give in a relationship and what you will eventually become!
Ladies who spend half their lives watching African Magic, reading meaningless romantic novels and gossiping all over the street will never attract great men.
Ladies who don't read, are very lazy, can't do any business that will yield profit and are late comers to work will never attract great men of great destiny!
Greedy ladies who always go into relationship to collect recharge cards, demand for the money they didn't work for and command men to take them to eateries and eat like gluttons will never attract great men of vision!
Ladies who are proud, pompous and sassy and look down on others because of their social status attract abusers and women haters not husbands.
Ladies who jump from bed to bed like frogs and sleep with anything in trouser in the name of dating are not good wife materials!
No sane man wants to marry a liability!
If you do nothing sensible with your life and you are waiting for a hardworking, promising prince charming to come and rescue you from your self imposed problems, you will wait till you grow white hairs!
Do something sensible with your life! Add value to yourself! Be a multiplier not a divider and a consumer!
Be an asset to yourself and everyone around you and you will be an asset to your husband.
Stop begging for money, make your own money!
Stop begging for love, love yourself and everyone around you and true love will find you!
Stop sleeping around, save your body for the great man God has ordained for you.
You will not miss the great husband the Lord has prepared for you in Jesus' name.
Momma loves you!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019


Marriage is too long for you to be miserable in it. If you marry at 25, you still have about 75 whooping years to spend in marriage!
I will rather spend those years having fun than weep, regret and be completely miserable. If you miss it in marriage, you will be miserable for the rest of your life!
You must marry your best friend if you must be happy in marriage! Your partner whom you will spend your entire life with should be your padi of life!
Marry a man you can be yourself around. Marry a woman you can laugh with.
Marry a man who understands how you tick, marry the woman who knows the melody in your heart and sing it along with you.
Everyone faces pressure. Every one faces challenges. In the right marriage you attack the problem not each other and victory comes easy and fast.
In the wrong marriage, you attack each other and the problems tear you apart instead of bring you closer!
Marriage is nothing short of bliss when you are married to your lover, your best friend, your soul mate, your chit-chat partner!
It is wow! It is heaven on earth, it is bliss!
May you find your soul mate!
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele

Monday, 20 May 2019

7 Indispensable Facts About "I Love You"

According to Gary Chapman's book, 5 Love Languages, one of these languages is the words of affirmation. "I love you" is one of those words that affirms love but in many relationships, many say it only when something ulterior is intended.
Do you know that "I love you" is more than a phrase? It has been uttered to many only for their lives to be destroyed afterwards.
When some husbands tell their wives these words, it's only to get intimate with them. When some wives utter these words to their husband, it's to flatter or said having gotten some kind of favor from them.
The lives of some single sisters won't have been destroyed were they not told "I love you". Some brothers won't have spent their life savings on some sisters should they understood what this statement truly meant.
What's your perception about these words? Let me show you the facts enshrined in it so that you can save yourself from issues that abound with it.
1. It's a word of affirmation. To affirm means to validate, to say that something is true in a confident way. It's possible to say "I Love you" deceitfully and in a confident way. A man can beat a woman and still profess love to her, is that truly love? "I love you" is meant to be an affirmation of love but be careful of falling into the lies many intend through it.
2. It's an expression of selflessness. Love is not selfish but lust is. Don't fall for "I love you" when it's self-centered. "I love you" ought to be said through a selfless act of service. Think twice before saying it or when it's said to you the next time. If it's only said for personal interest, that's selfishness.
3. It means I Value You. When you truly love a person, you value them and when you value them, you will protect them. What does his or her "I love you" does to you? If it's said to devalue you or reduce your sexual dignity, run, don't negotiate. Love is to make your life better and not worse. Another word for love is value.
4. Many say it to have their way. Do you know that most people who utter this phrase usually do so to get what they want? One of the words that arouse emotional intimacy is "I love you". When it's said to some ladies, they'll have sleepless night because they're excited to hear it. Meanwhile, the one who said it only has an hidden agenda. Because when this phrase is only said to you to make you satisfy the needs of the other person.
5. It's cheap to say but difficult to express. How many people would still affirm their love to their partner in the midst of trials and challenges? It takes admiration to say "I love you" but it takes action and determination to prove it. Love not in word or in tongue but in deed and in truth. Don't settle for the cheap talk, check the motive and weigh the action.
6. Don't say it when you don't mean it. There are more liars in a relationship than those who say the truth. Many would tell you how much they love you but in the face of adversity, their action would speak otherwise. Don't say it when you don't mean it. You won't be arrested for saying it either. It's more real when you say it when you mean than to say it when it makes no sense.
7. Your reaction after it's profession depends on your understanding. Because many lack the understanding of the word "Love", they easily lose their guard when there are told "I love you". Anyone can say it, but it's not everyone that can prove it.
Your accurate understanding of "I love you" will not make you mistaken it for marriage, accept proposals or build your life around a person who doesn't see you in his or her future. "I love you" could be said out of excitement, deception or sincerity; it's the deed of the person who said it before and after its uttered that should form the basis of your reaction.
"I love you" is very easy to say because it doesn't cost anything unlike "I am sorry" where many don't want to appear cheap or bruise their ego. Love that's true is selfless, unconditional and sacrificial.
Anyone who profess love to you on this premise is willing to go miles to make your life better, value your life and protect you; this is what "I love you" truly meant. Anything other than these is deception and lies.
Ladies, beware of men who easily say "I love you", men, be careful of ladies who say it cheaply. Anything that is cheaply or easily said doesn't hold value.
Men and women of worth say "I love you" based on commitment, selflessness, affirmation, honor and value. They don't say it to have their way or get anything from you.
If he or she truly meant that "I love you",
1. They won't cheat on you
2. They won't hurt or abuse you
3. They won't disregard your values and worth
4. They will be committed to you alone in a serious love relationship
5. They will make your life better than how they met you
This is an inexhaustible list, just a peek review to what you should expect when someone tells you "I love you".
Next time when someone tells you "I love you", especially from the opposite sex who's in a relationship with you, think on this fact before you allow those gim gim feelings to becloud your sense of judgment.
© Oluwamayowa Adeniyi.

Sunday, 19 May 2019


Church matter is a serious issue when considering a life partner. You must love everything about them if your marriage must run smoothly.
Church doctrines differ. Marry someone whose doctrine you agree with or your house will always be on fire! If you hate the church he attends because of their doctrine, your marriage will hit the rocks!
A person's core belief sharpens his personality and form his character. His church doctrine makes him who he is. To reject his church is to reject him himself! Amos 3:3 states this clearly: "Can two walk together except they agree?" If your spiritual beliefs do not agree and none of you is ready to change, your marriage will end up a war zone!
Some marriages have blown apart because of jewelries or no jewelries, trouser or no trousers. When some people asked me if it is okay to wear trouser, I tell them to follow their church's doctrine. I don't have time for argument on issues like this.
You can't fight your church or Pastor on what they believe is right. Either you accept the doctrine and be a good member of your church or look for a church whose doctrines are compatible with yours, life is as simple as that, it is not complicated at all.
To marry with the hope of changing your spouse is to live in a fool's paradise! People rarely change in marriage! If he cannot sacrifice his church for you now, he won't sacrifice it later!
Wives must submit to their husbands. After marriage, I submitted my dressing, actions, character and attitude to what suits my husband and we are both happy with it. If you know you can't change your life style to please any man, please, don't accept his proposal! It won't be fun if he starts asking you to dress and act in a particular way and you bluntly refuse! Hell fire is for rebellious people. May your attitude not push you into rebellion and into hell!
If that sister hates your church, end the relationship brother, it is not God's will. Amos 3:3 says it all: "Can two walk together except they agree?" May the Lord grant you understanding. Thanks for reading. God bless you. Cheers!

© Seun Oladele