Braamfontein is situated in the central suburb of Johannesburg and the community witnessed and still witnessing series of change that gradually metamorphosed it to an uptown.

“You will love both day and night lives of our community and they are very addictive!”

What to expect:
We love to dress smart and we have handsome of wear stores and boutique all over.

We love having fun. We have myriads fun and entertainment rendezvous to choose from. We love to party!

We are family to all kinds of people from diverse cultural backgrounds and we are very welcoming.

We have a lot of smart people in our community because we are homes of one of the best universities in Africa, and proud owners of beautiful and affordable colleges.

We are blessed with both multi-nationals and local companies and brilliant minds that make things happen in our community.

We produce business people, social-entrepreneurs, professionals, highly skilled workers, and dedicated government workers like ever before.

                           We are law-abiding citizens of The Republic of Braamfontein.

                                      Therefore, we love you and “welcome to our hood!"

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